Measuring market powers of the
past & present

Identifying new measures of market power 2017-2020

As the stock market and revenues have soared in recent decades, researchers have been looking for new ways to identify and explore contributing factors in the subsequent wealth inequality in America.New ways of measuring dominance in a market have emerged in recent decades including an increased priority in examining market cap, employee compensation, CEO compensation (including salaries and other assets), and CEO pay ratio (required after regulatory efforts post Dodd-Frank rulings).

Being able to compare these data are crucial for going beyond the singular definition of cost of goods as the only metric for consumer welfare. If the economy isn't doing great for everyone, how can we build new data for identifying areas for regulatory and accountability efforts? Select a modern market power analysis metric and interact with a company node to see more information below.

*Information technology and non-tangible markets have been marked in cool colors, while warm colors mark industries which directly affect quality of life or good production.