Measuring market powers of the
past & present

Diversifying data in market explorations

This project examines patterns in historic market data as well as new data models to explore expanded definitions of the distribution of power in markets. Given the opaque nature of financial data, it is difficult for the average person to gain a larger understanding of capital and market power by different sectors and industries.

This project combines multiple sources of data to map revenue, market cap, CEO compensation, number of employees, employee compensation, and industry sectors to produce visual patterns and new comparitive models for defining market and monopoly.

The data build for these visual explorations was specifically mapped for this project. It will be publicly developed and available here:

Fortune 500 1955-2020 | JSON, CSV, XLXS, TWB

CEO compensation and CEOs 2010-2020 | CSV, XLXS

Bloomberg data 2017-2019