The Adobe Stock Creative Trends explore visual patterns and marketplace demand for buyers and creators of digital content. The Adobe Stock Content team has collaborated with Creative Cloud, Behance, and external research groups to develop these trends annually.

Identifying design trends from all over the internet

My work in this project focuses on identifying, synthesizing and elevating design trends within the graphics and integrated content collections. The research processes begins with aggregating signals from across cultural and consumer sources and grouping them into cohesive clusters.

Signals can be found from Adobe Stock, Behance, social media feeds, fashion and interior design shows, art, and media (music, tv, movies, games, etc.). Trends are sketched out by creator type and collaborators are constantly sharing new signals across different platforms, expanding the scope of our insight and impact.

The trends are shared with Adobe Stock creators and customers throughout the year to maximize seasonal relevance. We provide in-depth discussions on the Adobe Stock Artist Hub, livestreams and webinars, as well as curated collections - which help us track performance of these trends throughout the year. My work has included creative direction and execution of curated collections, publications, and creative briefs to help support these trends.

These trends identify high-quality work in the consistently growing collection while helping communicate emerging styles and themes to customers and creators.

Throughout the years, we’ve found that this approach to thought leadership in the creative content space helps shape the idea of what Stock can be.

Curation selects from the New Naturalism inspiration article