Unglitch is a New York-based activist organization connecting artists and technologists to facilitate discussions around technology and policy. Founded in response to the FCC’s decision to reclassify the internet and deregulate Net Neutrality laws, we’ve facilitated panels, hackathons, and immersive events to develop creative works that educate the general public on the state of the policies structuring the access to internet.

Alternative Networks Panel at Adobe and Net Neutrality Hackathon at Fat Cat Fab Labs

As one of the founders and primary organizer, I helped develop the visual identity and mission statement to secure locations and sponsorships for a alternative networks panel, an all-day hackathon at fat cat fab labs and an interactive art party at babycastles.

Software for Artists Day at Pioneer Works

We have since recieved neighborhood grants from the Citizen’s Committee for New York City, built a glitchy-video, button-making, zine-distributing installation at Pioneer Work’s Software for Artists Day and partnered with NYC Mesh’s Streetwatch.live to help support activist archive efforts.

Poster-zines for Net Neutrality education, inspired by quotes from Aaron Swartz, Laura Poitras, Jenny Holzer and digital civil liberties educational resources.