This All-Access AA Meetings Map was built to provide friendly, functional meeting groupings to make finding an AA meeting as easy as possible. The meetings are grouped by time of day, day of week, and type of meeting - including remote meetings.

AA meetings by day of week

Meeting data was scraped from the HTML of many Intergroup NY pages and transformed through a series of js string methods to construct consist, human readable meeting data. By heavily re-working data in it’s initial and varyied presentation, users would be able to quickly identify a meeting that best suited their immediate needs.

The final AA meeting data was structured accordingly:

  • Location: street address, zipcode, latitude/longitude
  • Times: days, start times, end times
  • Types: beginner, step, open, closed, big book
AA meetings by time of day

This project was built by mapping cleaned data against NYC zones, venues, and co-ordinates using leaflet.js and Mapbox. The cleaning process required primarily js and regex and the database was managed in SQL. The interface for the app was built using Express.js and handlebars.js.