Snekscape is an experimental data app used to aggregate care sensor-collected data from IoT sensors as well as manually entered petcare information.

Snekscape concept mobile app mockups

The Snekscape IoT dashboard can be used to track sensors associated with your Snekscape. The temperature chart visualizes average temperatures by hour over the course of the day so you can gauge where and when your creature might need adjustments, in addition to mapping temperature tracking against safe ranges.

Snekscape sensor data dashboard (note: placeholder data was used for this prototype)

Using the Particle platform, you can add additional sensors to measure light, humidity, and dewpoint variables to monitor all kinds of pets and plants in the future.

Particle Photon platform and board

You may also monitor the historical records of your creature’s environment, courtesy of data you input youself. The dashboard has customizeable care needs such as water, food, and grooming statuses.

Snekscape care blog data dashboard

This project was built using D3.js, Express.js and handlebars.js in addition to the Particle Photon platform. Care data was recorded using a collection form and both care and sensor data were managed in AWS.