"collect your craft" - mr rpg mobile game concept

Tradecraft was a conceptual project developed by the Content Team at Adobe Stock for the twice semi-annual Adobe Stock Hackathon. The game was designed to encourage Adobe Stock contributor submissions in a fun and modern way, while utilizing existing technologies in the Adobe ecosystem. The mixed reality RPG game begins by determining an avatar based on your self-selected creative interests and would allow you to participate in quests as an individual or as part of a team. You would then proceed to build out your "Tool Kit" - that is, creative tools collected from the world around you.

These tools could be brushes, images, videos, vectors shapes, sounds, or typography (based on Adobe Capture features) and would utilize Adobe Sensei to automate suggestions for property and model releases and metadata. Your collection of various creative assets would contribute to quest goals while helping you find inspiration for personal projects and allow you to seek passive income by contributing to Adobe Stock.