As a member of Parsons’ Master of Science in Data Visualization (MSDV) program, I was asked to help support the following classes and workshops for Art, Media, and Technology students:

  • Coding with the machine Stable Diffusion intensive
  • GAN & Data visualization intensive
  • Data as Material semester-long class
  • Emerging Technology module
Traveling with the Chiba University and Parsons Students to the Design Research Institute in Japan

As a teaching assistant, I developed Python, Javascript, and Github workshops for machine learning and creative data projects. I worked one-on-one with students to improve their data structures, troubleshoot git, python and javascript workflows, and create material for their projects from video, photo, ad-hoc data sources.

Examples of these exercises can be found in the repo and seen here in a demo

I was also asked to act as a Program Assistant during the Summer of 2021, which involved cleaning up the Parsons MSDV student thesis repo data in addition to troubleshooting new features such as video playback and design implementation in Vue.JS